Hello New People! Today’s Question

So, I know for a fact that a bunch of new people are looking at this right now, and they might not get it, so…

Hello! My name, as of sometime last week, is Hayden Helvetica Green. I work at a bookstore in Seattle, and I am 24 years old. My favorite color is… beige. The people reading and following this blog, which right now includes you, are helping me invent myself. So far, they’re doing a fantastic job. So, help me out, will you?

Today’s question is about my past. What kind of family did I grow up with? Tell me about my family! Did I have siblings? What were my parents like? Was I adopted? Any pets?

(Oh, and I’ve figured out most of the problem with submissions. ***If you are NOT on tumblr, tumblr WILL NOT let me see it if you answer directly on this post.*** I’m sorry to the writers of eight of the ten responses to this. I’m just as frustrated as you are, I promise. However, you CAN submit your answers as an anonymous message to me, or through email to whatyoumakeofme@gmail.com. Thank you all for your help!)

My Interests

First, a favorite. I lovecream soda. That is all.

As for my activities, well- I work in an old sort of bookstore, mostly rebinding old books in the back, but occasionally behind the counter. I can sort of play the guitar, but I’m not great at it. I like going to old-school arcades and playing on cabinets, but I don’t really play any other kind of video game. One thing that I do fairly regularly is take old sweaters and mess with them, customize them and then give them to people or sell them, usually online. I’ll tell the story of how I started doing that some other time.

Oh, and I’m also interested in typography. Mostly because my middle name is “Helvetica.”

Full update later tonight, I think. In the meantime, any more ideas on how I occupy my time? My skills or obligations, fascinating or otherwise? Oh! And I’m still accepting possible middle names, but I’ll probably know what it is tonight. Remember, begins with “H”. What do you think?

Whoops, and a Question

Okay, got rid of the glitchy name video. Sorry about that. I’m still trying to work out how to make tumblr okay with it, because even though it’s really simple and fairly useless, I did really want to show you guys. For now, though, I’ll just ask another question.

So, a mini-question I asked last night was, what is my middle name? I know it starts with “H”, but what is it? I’m still eager for answers on that one. I don’t think I know all my favorites yet either, but I’m letting that go for now (though if you still have ideas… you know what to do by now).

Today, I want to know what I do. What do I do, in general? Do I work? If I do, what’s my job? Am I still in school? What for? What about other activities- do I play any sports? Instruments? Video games? Am I artistic at all? Do I cook? Do I listen to music a lot, go to concerts? Do I travel? Do I hike, or camp, or go fishing? Do I sit around and mostly do nothing?

More Favorites, and One Little Question…

Though I didn’t get as many favorites as I really would have like, I did learn a bit about myself this weekend, starting with something that is very much not my favorite. My name is Hayden Green, and for the record? Green is very much not my favorite color. I got quite enough of that sort of joke when I was a kid. I can barely stand to¬†wear green anymore. What my favorite color is… er. Well, my favorite color is… it’s… um… beige! Yes, that’s it. My favorite color is beige. In fact, I’m going to change the blog’s background color to beige! Because I love it so much! Right.

My favorite number is a tie between 16 and zero. Zero just has a mathematical purity to it, and it’s an interesting concept (especially for someone like me, considering I was effectively a zero a very short time ago). As for 16, I just kind of like it. That one isn’t exactly rational. My favorite dessert is absolutely strawberry cheesecake. I love it so much that I’ve had some high quality expensive version of it for my birthday every year since I was little. My favorite kind of food is pretty much anything spicy, or with any kind of bite. I like spicy curry, I like hot wings, I like food I can put wasabi on, I like pepper, I like horseradish. I guess I like it when my food bites back a bit?

My favorite season out of the typical four is summer, but we really don’t get ‘pure’ seasons in Seattle, so I make do with the few months of warm-and-dry that we get around here instead. I do really like the rain, though, rain on trees is probably one of my favorite sounds.

Oh! A few non-favorite things I’ve found out in the last couple of days, if anyone is still reading after that mass of text, that is. I have tortoiseshell glasses, but they’re only reading glasses, and I don’t wear them very often. Also, my middle name begins with an “H”, but I don’t know what it is yet. Any ideas?

Today’s Question (sort of)

I’m doing another double day, because I think this question deserves it. So, anyone have any more ideas about what my favorites are? I still need input about my favorite color, number, word, holiday, or anything else you brilliant creative people out there can think of! What are my favorites?

This is so exciting! Here is the very first picture of me! It links back to the tumblr of the artist, thank you so very much! If anyone else has any ideas about what you think I look like, please don’t hesitate to message me or send any images my way.

This is so exciting! Here is the very first picture of me! It links back to the tumblr of the artist, thank you so very much! If anyone else has any ideas about what you think I look like, please don’t hesitate to message me or send any images my way.

Today’s Question

Well, today was something of a slow day, but I did find out a few interesting things- like my plain black umbrella, the one I still use even though it’s a little broken, and the little scar on my chin from climbing trees as a child.

Today’s question is a bit more free-formed, I think. I want to know what my favorites are! There’s still nothing I can relate to, nothing that I can look at and say, “I like that.” I want to change that. What’s my favorite color? How about season? Type of weather? Genre of music? How about my favorite food? Tell me!

(Due to the odd technical quirks that keep popping up, today I’d like to try having people submit answers by messaging me instead, either here on tumblr or by email, at whatyoumakeofme@gmail.com)

Hey all! It’s come to my attention that the odd tech problems are persisting- I can only see one of the four responses to today’s question. If it isn’t too much trouble, please resubmit you suggestions either by messaging me here on tumblr or by sending me an email at whatyoumakeofme@gmail.com. I really do hope that some of you are coming up with images for me, too. I’m very interested to see what you think I look like…

My Appearance and Today’s Question

I would count this a success! Today, I discovered that I have green eyes and scruffy, reddish-blond hair. I’m caucasian, and I get freckles if I spend too much time outside in the summer. I’m a bit tall, on the lanky side of muscular, and I’ve been told I have a pointy chin.

I was going to ask a different question today, but I’ve been having quite a bit of fun with this one, so… What else can you tell me about my appearance? What kind of clothing do I wear? I do live in Seattle, so what kind of umbrella do I own, if any? Do I have piercings or tattoos? Glasses?

While we’re at that, actually- I’ve had one or two people kindly suggest that they might be willing to do a bit of art of me, and that is just absurdly flattering. I know what I look like, in theory, but… if any of you out there would be willing to get out your pens or paints or photoshop and show me exactly what you think I look like, that would be more than amazing. So, what else can you tell me or show me about myself today?

Last call for suggestions for my appearance! At least, for the basics. I’m sure we’ll fill in the details together, later on. But for now, would anyone else like to tell me what I should look like?

femmefuck said: When his appearance is decided I'd love to draw/paint a picture of him, would that be ok? :)

I would be absolutely flattered to be drawn or painted, that would be wonderful! Any art in any medium would be more than welcome. A decision will be made on my appearance around midnight tonight, EDT. I look forward to hearing from you again after that!

Hayden Green

Branching Out

I discovered that with a name, a gender, and a birthdate, I could create a facebook profile for myself. Do you think this is a good idea? I suppose it will give you all another way to interact with me as I find out more about myself, and let people who aren’t on tumblr yet suggest things there instead…

My Hometown, Where I Am, and Today’s Question

Hello again! I’ve figured this next bit out, I’m happy to say. I was born on November 22, 1987, and I currently live in Seattle, Washington. I still don’t know how long I’ve been here, though, or what kind of place I live in, we’ll have to work on that bit. I’m doing some investigating about the day I was born now, too, to see if anything else interesting happened that day.

As for today’s official question, though- I know my name now, where I’m from, but I’ve still never looked in a mirror. I want to hear what you think about that, about my skin tone, my hair and eye color, my complexion. Do I have a big nose? Do I have tiny wrists? Am I scrawny, or muscular, or a bit chubby? Do I have anything pierced, or tattoos? Is my default expression a smile or a frustrated frown? Describe me, or if you’d prefer, photo-reply to show me how I look, or there is always the option to email me at whatyoumakeofme@gmail.com. Tell me, what do I look like?

Hello all! Thank you for all of today’s suggestions. I fear some technical difficulties, though- I may not be seeing all of the answers to the question I asked today. I can only see two of the supposed six that it is telling me are there. If any of you who suggested birthdays and homes for me happen to read this before the night is out, it may be a good idea to resend your suggestions to whatyoumakeofme@gmail.com.

Thank you all again, this is quite the learning experience. I’m working on a little something to do with my name, and I hope it will be ready to show you tomorrow.